If you are like most people your life is busy enough without the hassle of spending hours driving to the courthouse and waiting in line to pay for a simple traffic citation. Now there is a fast, easy way to put your mind at ease with just a quick visit to our office.

We will appear in Court on your behalf, so that you can spend your time on what matters most in your life. We guarantee a secure and efficient service that not only fixes your ticket problems in less than 10 minutes, but also saves you money from keeping your insurance rates from increasing and keeping points off of your record. Visit or call our offices today and make your citation problems a thing of the past.



Criminal Defense

lvfront12If you are facing criminal charges in Las Vegas, Nevada, you need an experienced professional, and aggressive criminal defense attorney. The decisions you make and the skill of your criminal defense attorney can alter the outcome of your criminal charges and ultimately your life.

DUI Defense

lvfront1Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol is a serious offense that can result in consequences including fines, revocation of your Driver’s License, classes, mandatory SR 22 insurance, and even jail. Ticket KING’s Attorneys concentrate on D.U.I and know the defenses that win.

Why Get an Attorney

lvfront13If you are facing a DUI conviction it is very important to have a competent and experienced DUI attorney evaluate your case analyzing the data. During a DUI case we perform an in depth analysis of what and how much is in your blood to determine how to win the case at trial or get the charges reduced.