How it Works

Why Fight a Ticket?

How it Works (Traffic Ticket Process)

Traffic tickets can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating if you do not know your way around the Las Vegas and Clark County legal system. Ticket KING is a quick and convenient way to resolve all of your Traffic Problems without spending hours of your time or money at the Courthouse.  Ticket KING’s Attorneys quickly solve all of your Traffic problems; whether that may be:

  • quashing a warrant
  • negotiating your fines and points
  • amending your traffic violations
  • setting up payment arrangements
  • getting an extensions on your fine payments
  • or just about any other issue you may need our assistance solving

Of course the facts and circumstances of each ticket are different; Ticket King Attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in the area of traffic law as well as many other areas of law. Ticket King can protect you from points on your driving record ( for the next four years), Insurance increases (which can potentially save you $1,000’s of dollars over the next four years), Suspended Driver’s Licenses, Outrageous fines, Judgments of Conviction to DMV, Traffic School, Repeat Offender Traffic School, Warrants, and even jail time.

Most companies in the Las Vegas Area that claim to specialize in traffic tickets, charge per violation. Though their flyers or billboards may say one price, however that is almost never the case. They hide these additional fees from their advertising.

Ticket KING has NO Hidden Fees!; which means we charge a flat rate per citation; we even provide FREE Traffic Ticket Representation for many citations (Please ask us for details).

Allow Ticket KING to make all of your Traffic Ticket fears and concerns disappear.

Our Guarantee

Our expert team of consultants has several years of experience and knowledge, knowing all the rules inside and out. We are confident that most tickets will be completely dismissed, reduced and/or your money back.

You have nothing to lose, begin the LVTicketKing.Com Process today.


Ticket KING is a law firm that concentrates on helping citizens in all moving and non-moving traffic offenses, including, but not limited to:

  • Simple moving violations
  • Suspended Driver’s Licenses & License Plates
  • D.U.I.
  • Reckless, Aggressive, Reckless Driving Violations
  • Speed Contests
  • Ticket KING can represent you on your traffic ticket for one low fee, or in many cases for FREE.


Usually, you don’t even have to appear in court. Our lawyer can appear on your behalf and, in most cases, the ticket won’t even appear on your driving record.


We do not like to use the term “beat my traffic ticket”. We represent you in Court in order to amend your moving violations to nonmoving violations (which do not have DMV demerit points associated with them) and get a reduction in the fines associated with your particular violations. It is your right to go to trial to attempt to “beat the traffic ticket”, but we highly suggest that you retain an attorney to fight this court battle. You must know the Court rules and Traffic laws in Nevada in order to win at trial and get the results that you are seeking. The lawyers and staff at TICKET KING know these rules inside and out and can defend you at trial.