School Zone Caution


While it has always been the law that vehicles must yield to pedestrians in a cross walk, it is even more important to do so in a school zone. Failure to yield to a pedestrian is a violation that sends 4 demerit points to the DMV on your driving record and about a $350 fine in most courts. Such a ticket hits you in your wallet twice… first the fine and then the increase in the cost of your liability insurance.

Failure to yield to a pedestrian in a school zone can land you in jail. In addition to the fine and the increased cost of liability insurance, many judges will show you the inside of a jail cell for up to 6 months if you catch such a ticket. This is because many judges believe that School Zones are “sacred” due to the fact that children are coming and going around a school. So, use caution in abundance. Nobody wants to injure a child and wind up in jail (not to mention being sued for the injuries). School Zone = Caution!