Why Get an Attorney

Attorney Jerry Donohue

If you are facing a DUI conviction it is very important to have a competent and experienced DUI attorney evaluate your case analyzing the data. During a DUI case we perform an in depth analysis of what and how much is in your blood to determine how to win the case at trial or get the charges reduced.

Attorney Jerry Donohue worked as a biochemist before going to law school. He draws on his scientific knowledge and chemistry background to identify problems, errors and contamination in the DUI breath analysis and DUI blood analysis processes. The breath and blood tests are not without their problems and they are not 100% accurate. Attorney Donohue has the scientific knowledge and experience to exploit these tests’ shortcomings to your advantage.

Las Vegas DUI attorney Jerry Donohue began his legal career in the Clark County District Attorney’s office and now draws on this insider knowledge and experience, as well as his scientific background, to help clients challenge their Las Vegas DUI cases.

Attorney Jerry Donohue is also a member of the National College of DUI Defense, a national group of drunk driving lawyers and experts who collaborate and develop innovative strategies in fighting DUI cases. Trained in the same roadside drunk driving evaluation procedures as the Nevada Highway Patrol, DUI Attorney Donohue can administer and evaluate the roadside field sobriety tests in connection with DUI arrests. Attorney Donohue is very effective in preventing a conviction based solely upon the driver’s “impairment”. Attorney Donohue has experience fighting all types of Nevada DUI cases, including felony DUI as well as first and second offense DUI.

DUI cases are rarely cut and dry and a conviction is not always inevitable. Attorney Donohue knows how to size up the prosecution’s case, take advantage of any police mistakes, locate evidence that may be favorable to you, and navigate you through the Clark County court system so as to give you the best chance of avoiding the consequences of a DUI conviction.

If you are facing DUI charges in Las Vegas, Attorney Donohue encourages you to call him for a free case evaluation and consultation before making any decision as to how to proceed.

Attorney Donohue has been featured as a legal commentator for ABC News. His cases have also gained national attention with the media, where he has appeared on such programs as CNN, Larry King Live, Dr Phil, Bill O’Reily, CBS Morning Show and numerous other TV and radio programs.

Ticket KING can represent you in any Court in Clark County including:

  • Las Vegas Municipal Court
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  • Boulder City Municipal Court
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  • even some Courts outside of Clark County such as Sparks and Parhump